Make a Difference

mad-logo Trademark’s employees and properties are committed to making a difference in the communities we serve through our:

  • Volunteerism
  • Conscious Place initiatives
  • Properties to raise awareness, money and partner with community organizations

Total Corporate Charitable Dollars Raised:
$40K+ YTD 2016 |
Saddle Creek: $637,847 Market Street – The Woodlands: $587,400 La Palmera: $2,938,776 Watters Creek: $25,593 Trademark Corporate: $41,190 Alliance Town Center: $1,000 Market Street Flowood:$3,125

Total Property & Corporate Charitable Dollars Raised:

Total Volunteer Hours YTD (2016): 9,800
2015 Volunteer Hours: 12,563
2014 Volunteer Hours: 9,007
2013 Volunteer Hours: 3,398

Click HERE for a list of charities supported through our Make a Difference initiative

Make a Difference photos and partners Make a Difference Partners